Still haven’t run out of things to write about – kinda surprises me that I haven’t..

I was just deciding whether to write about taxation things or some observations I had last weekend.. I chose the latter..

OK, I had two notable riders within 48 hours of each other who, how shall I put this delicately, were older and love Uber with enthusiasm.  One trio of riders were from Fig Tree Pocket and I picked them up from Jindalee Golf Club – a short $10 fare.. I do that particular trip fairly regularly.. people that live in Fig Tree Pocket can have a drink and a steak for a reasonable price after work on a Friday at the golf club and then Uber home safely for probably under $25 total.

Kay, the account holder, told me she’s never been out more often than after she’d discovered Uber about three months ago.. She was probably around 44.. Uber is cheap enough to get her out socialising like a teenager again. Great!

The other fare I took on Sunday from Cleveland to one of the yacht clubs out in the Redlands area.  He was also an older rider who told me that he loves the Southbank strip of restaurants and regularly books a hotel room there to stay overnight with his wife as the taxi fares are prohibitively expensive there and back.. probably around $150 all up – a hotel room in Southbank is about $99..

Since he’d discovered Uber he no longer does that.. yes.. another converted Uber appreciation society member. It’s around 40-50% cheaper to take an Uber over a taxi.

All this, of course, is great for stimulating the economy.. The great sharing economy champion, Malcolm Turnbull would be happy..  The less you spend on a transportation service the more likely you are to spend on that nicer bottle of Australian wine or the extra Australian dessert and keep the extra Australian junior hospitality person employed.

I always eat out when I’m Ubering and probably spend about 10% of my Uber pay packet on food and entertainment.. the more I earn the more liberal my spending habits get..  I do my economic bit.. I too, am a consumer..

Happy Ubering peeps..  keep on spending..


Food recommends..

Had a rider just before who heard me say “hmmm, man, I’m a bit hungry..”

Food recommendations are so fraught with danger of disappointment but it’s hard to go wrong with a burger..  and so it goes.  rider recommends a burger joint by the name of Poppy’s burgers.. it’s hard to see that being a disappointment.



If you’re ever in the Western suburbs of Bris and in need of a good old fashioned burger joint head to Riverhills and grab one of these whoppers.. not fancy, not HJs but.. y’know what I mean.. I opted for a cheeseburger with pineapple.. which is called a “Queenslander” according to Poppy himself.. quintessential is the word that comes to mind here..

The beauty of transporting locals around is being able to locate hidden gems like this within a city.. another selling point for Uber over taxis – since most of us Uber drivers love what we do we can dispense local shortcuts and local “in” knowledge which includes food joints, and things to do that may not be in a traditional tourist brochure.

for example, one of my favourite non-touristy things to recommend is a mid-week lunch at the Pineapple Hotel on Main St Kangaroo Point.. not for anything exceptional but for the harsh hospitality service.. the granite-faced manager there I think went to the hospitality school of hard knocks and makes belittlement on your behalf a norm every time I’ve ordered lunch there and I’m pretty sure everybody else.. it’s hilarious.. you HAVE to experience it.

I had a rider last Tuesday evening who was finishing up work a little bit before 10pm, as in, was tying up loose ends from a not-very-enjoyable contract and was finishing up in a not-very-amicable way from his now former employer.. all he wanted was a steak and some alcohol before he boarded a plane early in the morning back interstate to Sydney.  I recommended the Treasury Casino for it’s 24hr kitchen and discovered a bottle shop in Milton which was open until 10pm on a weekday.  Amongst a barrage of other suggestions his comment to me was.. and I quote:

“Wow, I’ve definitely found the right Uber driver”..

I do what I can.. nothing special really.

Thx Rebecca for the burger recommend!  was just what I felt like 🙂 ..


Uber Driver Requirements..

Us Ubers get asked a LOT of the same questions.. we are the new rockstars after all..  By far and away the most common question we get asked is “How long have you been driving for?”..

I, myself, have been driving for about a year since Nov ’14..  Back then I didn’t tell anyone I was an Uber driver and kept that card close to my chest.  I only announced it to my Facebook world a few months ago.  The possibility of receiving a fine from being pulled over by a TMR officer was very real back when I started.  I didn’t pick up anyone in the city (Brisbane) at all for about the first month I started driving.  I was picking up and dropping folks off in taxi ranks back then as well.. I’m chuckling at that right now.

One other question we get asked often is what are the requirements to drive Uber.. for QLD? they’re relatively simple..

a) you require a 4 door car with seating for 4 passengers.. you can have more seats but Uber will only insure you for 4 passengers.. If you have a commercial vehicle with commercial insurance then you’re already insured for your vehicle’s seating capacity.  You tradies.. before you ask, yes, there are some people using nice dual-cab utes

b) a vehicle less than 9 years old.  As of the date of this blog post that means a 2006 or newer car.  The early days of Uber in QLD you could have a car over 9 years old until the rego year’s end.. I believe that still is the case.

c) an open driver’s license held for one year.  Self explanatory.  No novice drivers..

d) a Driver’s Authorisation.. 2 parts to this – TMR have these forms or the Uber offices have these as well.. a doctor’s medical certificate and a traffic history component.  If you can’t remember your traffic infringement history TMR will help you with that.. check for medical facilities that do a discount doctor’s certificate for Ubers.

e) Uber will do a criminal history check as well.. so if you don’t think you will pass that.. well, you’re stuck up the proverbial creek without.. y’know..

f) that’s pretty much it.. apart from maybe a friendly disposition.. oh, and comprehensive insurance.

Once upon a time you could probably use your mum’s car to Uber in but nowadays due to having to register for an ABN it’ll be much better to own a car in your own name for both registration and insurance.. for tax purposes.

I’ve mentioned in another blog post that Uber doesn’t have access to the daily criminal check database that taxis do.. but you’d have to be the world’s dumbest Uber driver to assault someone in an Uber.. apart from the excellent 2-way rating system, Uber also tracks your phone and that of the rider’s.. and also records the trip.  In other words, it’s a safe service..

If you’re not that much into hospitality then Uber probably isn’t for you.. If you are then you’ll have a ball.. here is some feedback that riders have left me anonymously..


Awww shucks..



Ubers move the world around and sometimes the other side of society that still exists even if you’re the type of person that prefers not to think about it.. It’s still there.

I’m probably one of those more naïve to that sort of underworld but I’m open minded enough to know there’s money to be made transporting these people around while doing Uber.. plus.. it’s a bit of a laugh.

Yes, you get people who are clearly on recreational drugs – and a fair percentage of them would be dealers – because of the way Uber is set up to monitor my phone and “their” phone.  I always feel safe and, consequently, riders feel safe.. doesn’t stop them from openly talking about what substances they’re on or even offering me.

I titled this blog post “Escorts” but writing about drug users and dealers and shouldn’t lump them together.. I don’t.. I’m just demonstrating the diversity of people we sometimes get that’s all.

I had two escorts the other day within a 24hr period.. how do I know they were escorts?  one told me straight out during the course of conversation.. and the other was teeing up her next job whilst in my car.. on her mobile.

when I say her.. not that it matters to me but one of them was a ladyboy.  that may matter to you but I’m smiling to myself as I write this.  This is why I love doing Uber so much.. you always pick up interesting people and if you’re adept at making people feel comfortable initially then you always end up with excellent stories to listen to along the journey.. of liiiife!

Hardly what I would call work.

If you don’t know what a ladyboy is then I reckon you’ve probably paused to Google it by now..  He/she was actually quite lovely and switched on business-wise.  He/she was getting to the airport early to update his/her website in the Qantas lounge to announce his/her residency for about a month in another Australian capital city.  He/she is based in Brisbane though..

Both escorts lived in nice inner-city apartments so if you live in a nice inner-city apartment they could be your neighbour.. making more money than most doctors probably..  hey, everyone has to make a living don’t they?

The interesting thing is that at least some of them are now using Uber as their “pimps”..  The escort who was teeing up her next job knew what the Uber rates were for trips to the Gold Coast ~ about $150 one way and $300 both ways.. costs that she passes onto the customer without a markup.  I think she probably has a regular driver who is an Uber, for safety.. probably several, in case one isn’t available at the time I would say..

The ladyboy has a regular Uber driver as well but probably wasn’t available or nearby at the time.  Pretty smart business women these two.. if you ask me. Something to be said about being up-to-date with tech.. it permeates into business of all sorts.. Uber etc..

Just another day..


Coincidences.. Pt.1

Sunday was a good day..

After flaking out early on Saturday night.. made it to about 8.30pm and missed out on the witching hours and all the fun stuff.. damn..

after having an excellent sleep I decided to switch on the Uber app around 4.40am on Sunday morning for “clean ups”.. people that have stayed out all night in order to sate their FOMO – fear of missing out.. seems to be an actual mental affliction judging by the amount of people that we transport back to their homes during these times.

First trip – 5.06am wasn’t a clean up actually.. a guy going to work in the outskirts.. his words were “The money is too good to pass up”.. no FOMO there.. you do what you have to do in life..  some people work hard and play hard and others just play hard.. 

Hate to say this but us Ubers tend to make our money from those kinds of people.. not all of the time though.  Just the ones that haven’t planned things to within an inch of their lives.. and hey, who wants that?

Sometimes you make a mistake with your plans and have to make alternative arrangements – troubleshooting!  a lot of those self-help, how to be successful type of books advocate the never give up, can-do type of attitude towards failure.. It’s essentially just troubleshooting your way through life.  Have a problem?  deal with it.  shortest book ever ^.  The Richest Man in Babylon has nothing on me.

A couple that I picked up from the airport was in this category.  They’d booked a town car to ferry them to Reedy Creek on the far side of the Gold Coast.. from the International Airport in Brisbane.. but they’d mistakenly booked it on their departure date instead of their arrival date.  a $160 mistake.  no refunds.. whoops.

Uber it?  sure, why not.. $150 later.. same result and cheaper.

They’ll know for next time and it was probably a nicer experience to boot:

I generally tend to tell people that I don’t even live in Brisbane as a surprise conversation starter but travel from Toowoomba to do Uber.  I stay in Jindalee when i’m Ubering.  This particular time when I told my passengers this they asked me:

“I’m sorry to profile you being of Asian heritage and from Toowoomba but do you know..” 

here we go.. Toowoomba has about 120K people in it..

“A….. M..”. 

*pause from me*

“I do as a matter of fact.. not that well but yes, I do”

“He’s our business partner”

Great!  this hour long trip is going to go swimmingly conversation-wise.  Those little connections is why I love doing hospitality and hence Uber so much.

I told this couple that I do this blog during one particular Uber story they shared with me in their travails through Dallas where they had just came back from in the US:

“So how was Uber in the US?”

“It was good – we took loads of Ubers everywhere”

“Did you have any bad experiences?”

I could tell that they were smiling at each other recalling this story..

“haha, yeah.. we had this one Uber who farted in his car.. The driver never said anything and I looked at Scott and I knew he didn’t do it.. laughable now but we just both went for the windows at the time”

By now I was in fits and slapping my steering wheel..  I think when the words “silent fart” comes up in conversation in future I will recall this particular trip.


Another Super Uninteresting Night..

It was all quiet through the house.. nothing was stirring, not even a mouse.

Until the 10.30pm witching hour came by – and all hell broke loose.

The night started off pretty quiet – had two fairly long fares last night after not working for nearly two weeks due to injuring my accelerator foot.  So was thinking safety first and not wanting to put Uber earnings ahead of passenger safety and all that bullsh.. I mean, passenger safety.. fullstop.

Picked up Joshua and Charisa for two fairly long fares into the city in succession from Darra and Indooroopilly respectively but skipped/cancelled on Jeremy who was not only standing in the taxi rank outside the RE but also had a rating of 1.2*..

I’ll try and explain this in not too many words but drivers can only rate in whole stars so for Jeremy to have a 1.2* rating he/she/it could only have gotten that rating by having 5 trips.. which means four drivers have rated him a 1 and one driver has rated him a 2.. sorry Jeremy but you are a bad, bad Uber rider.. nobody is going to pick you up.

8.10pm Megan.. nice girl, talked about real estate.. Instead of turning left behind a gaggle of cars on Ann St/Brunswick St.  opted to go through the lights and then turn left at Oh Hello/Marshall St to get to New Farm (from The Jubilee Hotel) Avoiding one, possibly two changes of lights there.  Passenger appreciation noted.. 5 Star rating still intact for the night.

A lull from then until 10.11pm, was online the entire time parked at the Jindalee Park’n Ride but nothing.. played with bookFace, ate my dinner and twiddled my thumbs until the $35 incentive guarantee period started at 10pm (until 4am).  Jamee, with two Es took me into Corinda and a leeettle bit closer to the city.

10.51pm Aidan, the Ai-rishman took me onto the nthside to Everton Pk/McDowall from Indooroopilly Pig & Whistle, regaling stories about Belfast from the early 2000s when we both lived there.. nice sharing a common love of that city and comedy of trying to remember the pubs we both used to frequent back then.. genuinely hilarious for me.. boring for anybody else..

1.01am and well and truly into the witching hour in Fortitude Valley – where normally placid folk turn into gremlins after having liquid poured into/on them.. I picked up Arlene and family – I’m guessing they were family because they were all half Pinoy..  They made a point of saying how lovely I was and the complete opposite of the Uber driver that brought them into Fortitude Valley the previous night.  Her words not mine but she said he smelt like curry and talked on his mobile Bluetooth earpiece the entire time AND took them a longer route to her destination.  My fare from FV to the same destination was $34 and the ex-taxi driver’s (obviously) fare was $42.

Us Uber drivers tend to not like this much since in a previous post I think I mentioned the fact that Brisbane has the highest average rated drivers in Australia and we’d kinda like to keep it that way.. Sooo, in order to get drivers like this kicked off the Uber platform it not only takes a 1 Star passenger rating but also a comment from them before Uber will look at their cases.  Needless to say on a relatively long trip to Runcorn such as this, I got Arlene to put in a fare review for that last ride and not one, but two rider comments for that previous Uber.  All I can do really, since I have faith in the rating system to weed these types of drivers out (we need to maintain an above 4.6* rating before we start having to “show cause”).

Needless to say I offered Starbursts, mints and Fantales.. bottled water, Spotify Premium to these lovely Pinoy folk.  they weren’t jerks like their previous 1* Uber driver..  very respectful and could take a joke.  still 5* average for the night.

Miranda – OK (passenger wasn’t the account holder, had a Maccas run mid-trip on the account holder’s money), James, he was cool, Michael, I’ve picked him up before.. on his birthday, he’s always nice..  Jessica, drunk, but lovely.. Dan, Lee and Sam.. Yep, stragglers, drug-effed, etc.. all in a days work.

Dan was the funniest one.. He asked me if I was coning on.. to which I replied “oh yeah.. I’ve had about 15 cones tonight, and a few pingers” jokingly but at the same time asserting that this is my car, my domain and drug and alcohol fuelled people don’t scare me.. later in the trip when he came down a bit off his high horse he levelled with me when I asked him if he was on more than just alcohol.. I said “OK, you’re on two downers – alcohol and weed.. when you get up in the morn grab yourself an upper like a Redbull or some other caffeine to level yourself out”.  His reply, a bit x-rated but appealing to my dark sense of humour – “nah, I’ll just get on Tinder and bang some chick up the ass”.  Not condoning that sort of language, misogny or profiling for that matter but it did make me laugh..

Still on a 5* average at the end of the night morning.. $248 Gross earnings.


Medallion System..

I came across this..

story the other day about Uber winning a long running battle with the NYC taxi companies association and thought I’d try and explain/expand a little..

The medallion system that they have for taxis in NYC is a little bit like the licensing system they have in place for the states and territories in Australia  (with a few caveats). Currently in QLD a taxi license is worth about $545,000 .. which sounds like a lot but if you are running your taxi 24hrs a day you can pay off the debt between 3-5 years..

Trouble is, so few of these licenses used to come up for sale pre-Uber and most of the licenses here are held by only a handful of people.  It is the multiple license holders that are funding the protest against Uber the most because, of course, they have the most to lose from a devaluation of licenses..  Most, if not all, license holders regard them as their superannuation.. it’s the reason I never begrudge a taxi license holder the right to protest in that regulated industry.

A taxi medallion in NYC used to be worth over a million US dollars.. That’s a lot of moolah for one little yellow NYC taxi.. it essentially restricts new players on the market and hence competition in the marketplace.  Let me reiterate that that is government regulation which is restricting competition in the marketplace.

Uberx is around 40-50% cheaper than a taxi..

I’ll just let that above statement sit on it’s own in the body there.. Look ^^..

No wonder there is a trend worldwide to deregulate.. our new Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, is a champion of it..  good good.

In Victoria they have partially deregulated the taxi industry so that they no longer have a huge licensing fee but have a yearly $22,500 fee indexed to CPI.. a much fairer system that doesn’t blow out to the $545,000 “in” that it costs you in QLD..  the benefit of that system is that there is no longer a shortage of taxis in Victoria due to the regulator holding back the amount of taxis licenses available – very much what used to be a common complaint down there – so few available taxis in peak periods.  Uber is incredibly popular down there now for that reason.  It’s an example of how Uber is benefitting the general consumer..

The correlative effect of the Victorian decision to move to a CPI based fee system is in stark contrast to the NYC medallion system which, driven by market forces only, had blown out to that unbelievable price – so much for the “Free” world huh..  I’d hazard a guess to say when the QLD parliament renews the 5 year taxi strategy at the end of the year that they will probably adopt the Victorian model tied to the CPI and probably pay out the license holders the market value of their licenses – at 40% less than $545,000.  just what I think.. not fact.

I had a rider yesterday who confirmed with me the numbers for owning a vehicle.. it costs roughly $10-15 thousand to run a personal car per year.. Including depreciation.  He had a Jeep (in his own words, a “shit car”) which he said was costing him a quarter of a tank to get to work some days.  about $40 a week in fuel or around $2000 a year.. If you spent less than $15,000 a year on public transport or ridesharing you’d be ahead right?  it’s exactly what a lot of people are working out by not owning a car.. well, at least a lot of the ones that ride with me.. I probably have that conversation with someone in my car once a week.. usually accountants..

I think that any government that moves to strike out Uber or just generally the progress of new technologies in the emerging sharing economy is on a losing ticket and frankly not doing their job as representatives of their constituents.  That’s us.. Constit.. uent.. ts..


Lost Phone..

7.36pm picked up Reece from Sinnamon park and with his permission am doing this blog post..  He claims, and I have no reason not to believe him, he lost his phone in a cab last night.  I hadn’t yet told him that I did this blog when he told me that he had lost his phone.  I’ve retained his details in case someone reading this blog post can help out him out.

This is the story:

He put his mobile phone between his legs on the seat when he was paying for taxi and when he got out and realised immediately that he had gotten out without his phone but by then the taxi had driven away.. If you were an Uber driver you’d immediately notice the phone was there and turn around and drop it straight back beeecaaaause.. firstly, it’s common courtesy and secondly, if you are the type that likes to steal stuff, Uber will give your mobile number to the customer anyway to retrieve the lost item.. Uber is good like that..

If you’ve gone completely out of your way to return the item Uber sometimes will pay you a lost and found fee.. I’ve gotten one before.. it’s awesome.

I’ve often told customers, and I’ve alluded to it in a previous post that Uber have our details and also the rider’s – if anything, ANYTHING.. untowards happens in an Uber then all it takes is an email to support and action will be taken.  If it’s serious enough the driver/rider account will be cancelled immediately.

I had to apologise for my swearing when Reece had told me that still had 60% of the phone to pay off and had gone into the city today to buy another iPhone.. and then spent most of the day transferring details back onto it.  He also said that the phone was turned off about 20 minutes after he had left it in the taxi – a sure sign that the driver knew what he doing (stealing the phone) as it disables the “find my iPhone” feature.  That feature retains the last position before the phone is turned off for 24hrs.  He knew it had been turned off because he tried to call it several times afterwards..

There is a mode on an iPhone called DFU mode which any mobile repair place will tell you about.. I think it stands for “Dude.. FU!”.. using this mode you can reset any iPhone to factory settings even without knowing the unlock code.  I recently reset my next door neighbour’s phone doing this.. it’s easy.. and also the reason how I know this taxi driver stole his phone as opposed to simply not noticing it was there, on the front seat, right next to him/her.. it’s common knowledge amongst cab drivers.. diabolical.

Anyhoo, I’m yet again at the coffee shop writing this post instead of working..  better get back to it.. read my previous posts to figure out exactly which coffee shop I’m at.. laziest Uber evaaah..  If you can help out with helping unite Reece and his stolen phone.. comment and I will get back to you.


Coffee Shop Pt2

Just had to finish this off before nodding off..

10.12pm Anthony.. who let the app place the pin for him and it placed him roughly 80m away from where he was.  Eventually he found me and his partner eventually hopped in.  Always better to put a proper address in rather than rely on mobile phone GPSs..  This one wins the weirdest one of the night:  was having a normal conversation with Anthony and his partner in the back seat was quiet for most of that conversation.  Picked up from New Farm and started heading to Montague Rd in West End..  suddenly hear the seatbelt chime whilst in West End so I pull over and ask Anthony’s partner to put her seatbelt back on.. puts it back on and got a further 400m when she takes it off again.. chime sounds again and she gets out of the car leaving half of her stuff in the car..  don’t know what’s going on but ended the trip a few hundred metres from the destination.  Anthony grabbed her things.. I still don’t know the whole situation and probably never will now.  Gave Anthony, the account holder, 5stars..

10.30pm Jenish.. was just finishing work in West End and had to prepare for a midnight online exam.. pretty different.. a Sunday midnight assessment for exercise physiology.  Dropped him off at Newmarket.  Nepalese.. lovely guy actually.  5stars also.

10.53pm Mark and his two female companions were heading into Fortitude Valley from Herston. I arrived at their place to find they were ready immediately out the front with the two girls stretched out lying on the pavement. I cracked a fairly unfunny dad-style joke through my open front passenger side window to them.. I’ll decline to disclose what it was but first impressions count if you want to have a fun trip. I guessed that they may be heading into the RE.. nope, they had a bit more class than that.. good..  One of the female passengers asked me if I was a doctor.. to which I told them that I was a radio announcer for two years so that’s what you’re probably hearing in my voice..  People just can’t pick it.  I annunciate well – I can’t help it.  Dropped them off to LaRuche right next to a taxi.

11.28pm picked up Chris at Bardon.. well actually I don’t know what his name was.. he was using his friend’s account and going to The Gap..  This guy was probably used to having his opinions about everything listened to and agreed with..  I just found him annoying.. The account holder was a 5star.. not anymore..

11.59pm picked up some young revellers at a house party in Kenmore Hills.. Harry, the only 18yo, was the account holder.. the other three were 17.. respectful for their age.. a fellow Uber driver friend saw me on the Western freeway and tailed me for this trip and eventually started driving in front of me.. hilarious.. I indicated quickly before corners to show him where I was going and then turned the signals off until I was within range of the corners.  one of the 17yos in the back couldn’t work out how the other Uber driver was predicting where I was going and said “How does he know where you’re going.. I’m scared”.  ha!.  they were good lads..  We swapped 5 star ratings..

12.25am I cancelled on Joshua when I got closer to the destination.  I could see he was standing at the taxi rank outside the Royal Exchange Hotel..  Where we can’t pick people up from.. I don’t usually bother ringing if they’re standing in that taxi rank.. I just cancel.. they’ll get the picture eventually. That area immediately went into a 1.5x surge price.  Bebe – who must’ve been standing next to Joshua at the taxi rank requested at the 1.5x rate..  I tentatively drove towards them ready to ring her up but she ended up cancelling on me.. the rate then went up to 2.1x surge and remained that way for about 10-15 minutes as the RE closed up for the night..

That’s pretty much when I went home..  $179 in gross fares.. 5star daily rating. fun.


Coffee Shop..

Thought I’d outline my day so far..

4.24pm started off with a cancellation out of Capalaba Tavern.. Glad about that for some strange reason.  was a 3.7star rated rider.

4.26pm took Sarah and her partner to the Alex Hills hotel.. wished them well with their pokies when I dropped them off.. Sarah’s partner said that he preferred Keno.. isn’t that a pokie machine also?

4.44pm picked up Pascale and her groceries from Woolworths at Birkdale and dropped her further into the Redland Bay area.. all 5 star riders so far.

5.23pm picked up Sharn from the Manly Esplanade.  I knew she was going to make me wait so I started the trip when I got there and then rung her.. three times.. no answer.  saw the destination entered as North Quay..  when she eventually got into my car about 5-6 minutes later I could see she was being overly nice, touching my arm and complimenting me.  I could tell she was used to being in cabs and overcompensating.. She even put in a long destination but was only going a few km down the road – like you would if you were getting a taxi.  North Quay is a 33 minute trip away.. She said she would give me 5 stars.. which she did.. I gave her a 1 for condescension.. she’ll find it difficult to get drivers to pick her up out in Manly with a low star rating – it’s pretty much the furtherest point east from the city you can get.  let me stress it wasn’t the short trip that I gave her a 1 star for.. she was nice enough but just condescending..

6.06pm Abraham.. My pick for the night even though it hasn’t ended yet. had me in stitches/tears after we got to talking about how Corona beer is the Fosters of Mexican beers.. If you order a Corona in Mexico the bar staff look at you funny and pretty much announces you’re a tourist.  He has a mate that can eat any strength chillies with ease.  apparently in Mexico they don’t give you nuts with your beers but chillies.  “Can I call you Abe..”, Abraham, cracked me up with “yeah, my mate can drink a shot glass of the hottest Nando’s chili sauce and I’d dip a chip in it and it’d ruin my whole meal”..  too funny. Off to the Melbourne Hotel in West End with a handshake for the laughter.

6.35pm interesting couple who were from Sydney.  David was the account holder and they were going from Caxton St to the Nathan campus of Griffith Uni.  mainly chatted about Sydney..  where I was born.

8.02pm picked up Izak.. “Did I say that right?” and the lads.. “sure you can pee on that tree in the front yard if you want.. I haven’t started the trip yet..”.  Predictably they were going to the student hangout The Royal Exchange or the RE for short..

It’s 9.37pm now and I’m still sitting in the coffee shop writing this blog post up on my phone..  All five star riders except for one.. probably should get off my ass and drive some more Uber..  $108 gross so far.. not much but good fun!